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Congrats Gavino on making us reflect for more than a moment!

For me as an Educator, words are something to consider with all your senses, just because they are a "powerful" tool. You can actually "make" or "break" a student with "just" words, because we fail to realize that thoughts and feelings are behind those words, and at the same time, those words will provoke thoughts and feelings in return.

This is why I like to be very careful, and when I speak, I always try to say something "nice", something "uplifting", something "positive". Me parents always taught me that if I was to speak, I had better have good things to say, otherwise, I should not say anything.

Today with my students, I teach them to "kill others with kindness", so that if they are out at recess and someone says something to "try" to make them feel bad/sad, they should "get back" at them with something nice they say. An example is, a student mentions that some other student told him how ugly his/her shoes are. That students "gets back" at the offender with a compliment such as "Hey, I really like your T-shirt!", and right after, they should turn around and walk the other way to not engage in further conversation that might lead to bitter "come-backs". This formula is working quite well, I get marvelous stories every day!

Finally, ask Carla, Sebastian or Daniel about "filling buckets", and they will have some funny memories to share!!!

Empathy, Patience, Love, and the willingness to listen and forgive :)

Felicidades Gavino! Sigue escribiendo!

Con cariño,

Carol Barry

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Good stuff Gav

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